The Lost Podcast

So, this blog project is wonderful good fun, and it’s getting me to try new ideas and new ways of digging around on the internet. It’s also introducing me to new friends.

A while back, I reached out to the manager of a new bar I read about on The Ticker. The bar sounds like it will be a lot of fun, and I loved the idea that an old Coke bottling place would be a bar – because of the history of Coca-Cola, but also because I am here for repurposed buildings, yes?

Turns out the manager/mixologist is amazing.

We had a wonderful conversation about visits from locals, Wichita (where White Castle comes from) and various cultural phenomena.

And then I promptly lost the file. Because that is how it goes sometimes. Here are some links that are from what we talked about, though. Enjoy!

So, You’re Thinking About Seeing a Play from the Toast

History-Themed Cocktail Bar Slated for Downtown from the Ticker (Traverse City, MI)

Spanish Galleon Sails into Grand Traverse Bay, Viking Ship headed to South Haven¬†and also here is the Spanish Galleon’s Instagram, because it is very important.

Also stay tuned – we’re still talking!